Kersen Leaves For Diabetes Medication, Is It Effective?

Viral broadcast which mentions kersen leaves as a diabetes drug.

Daur kersen, talok leaves, or leaves of this series are called can help heal wounds in diabetic patients.

In kersen leaves, the active compounds that are thought to have anti-DM activity are chalcone, isoliquiritigenin, chrysine and flavonoids.

This makes consumption of kersen leaves safe, provided that they are in accordance with the usual hereditary doses.

"Levels of level of evidence are limited to empirical / hereditary and preclinical / experimental tests. To ensure efficacy and safety in humans must be clinical trials," he said.

So, it is recommended that diabetic patients also still have to take medication from the doctor even if they want to try consuming kersen leaves.

DIFFICULT FOR THE PULIH. Because my mother is also an STROKE and almost all the bodies are difficult to move until all day long just sleep / lie down.

Since one year ago my mother's hip has been injured. The wound makes a hole in the hip until it ejects blood and then fester and rot.

The wound began to widen and made a hole here and there until the wound looked very chronic.

Then there was someone who suggested to drink a decoction of talok / kersen / series leaves, which had a Latin name (Muntingia Calabura L) and I decided to try.

Early drinking leaf decoction was my mother's fever and pus discharge from many people until I had to cut the bandages several times, after two days of drinking.

The wound did not remove pus anymore and began to emit red blood and a few days after that as there was meat growing covering the wound.

2: If it's dry, we can brew this dried talok leaf with hot water.

3: Let it warm until you drink the leaves before bed.

Please do this information. Don't let the decision in your hand help you to share this information so that it is useful for you. We are in need.

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