How often do you have to refill drinking bottles?

The increasing concern about waste plastic makes interest in using refillable bottles increasing.

But do not be mistaken about caring for cleanliness.

Sometimes there are some people who ignore washing it too often.

Even if it's not cleaned properly, germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses can easily appear in moisture.

"These germs can contaminate water in our healthy refill bottles, especially when we leave it open when not drinking it," said a microbiologist from William Paterson University, as quoted by the Times of India.

Make it a habit to empty your drinking bottle at night and wash it with water and dish soap, then rinse thoroughly so as not to leave soap.

Why does it have to be often? When we drink from a bottle, the tip of the bottle gets the rest of everything in your mouth and lips.

Food particles from the mouth can get into the water, which later can cause bacterial production in water if not properly cleaned.

Therefore it is highly recommended not to divide your drinking water bottle with other people, especially when you are sick.

Do not leave the bottle in a humid environment, because bacteria and others like water and warm temperatures.

It could be that this supposedly healthy drinking bottle gives you health problems such as fever, flu and some common and serious infections.

And never mix new water with fresh water in your drink bottle.

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