Don't underestimate, these 5 things can happen because of dehydration

Angela claimed to be dehydrated, a condition where the body lacks fluids, and has recovered after drinking three glasses of water.

In fact, if dehydration occurs, it can endanger health further.

Complications of dehydration can occur due to dehydration itself or because of diseases that make the body lose fluid.

Do not be considered trivial, quoted from Medicine Net, the following conditions must be aware of because of this, especially if the dehydration is severe enough.

Kidney disorders Kidney disorders are events that can occur due to dehydration, but this condition can be treated if treated early.

When dehydration takes place, the volume of fluid in the body decreases, and blood pressure can go down.

This can reduce blood flow to vital organs including the kidneys decreases so that it disrupts its performance.

This can make the body experience shock due to untreated dehydration.

Heat related diseases and related complications In diseases related to heat, the body tries to cool the body by sweating.

This can cause dehydration and muscles can experience seizures.

Often the muscles that are stressed, for example because they are too long in a hot place, will spasm.

When there is enough fluid loss, symptoms that can occur include fatigue, mild headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

Electrolyte abnormalities In dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities can occur because important chemicals are lost from the body through sweat.

This can lead to muscle weakness and heart rhythm disturbances.

Examples of symptoms caused by abnormal electrolyte levels include muscle weakness due to low potassium, heart rhythm disturbances due to low or high potassium, and seizures.

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