Dear Parents, This Is the Risk When Over Protective in Children

Parents certainly want the best for their children.

They will do anything so that the child feels safe and comfortable.

But often there are parents who are over protective or too strict in looking after their children.

Indeed the goal is good, so that children are not injured when doing any activity.

But there are risks that will be experienced by children when parents are too caring.

"At one point he will doubt and cannot explore a lot. He will be less honed and less learning. The earlier is often banned, the worse it will be in the future," said the consultant's child development specialist from Pondok Indah Hospital, Dr. Catharine M Sambo, SpA , when he met detikHealth on Thursday.

In addition, there are also health risks that children will receive if parents are too hygienic, whether outside the home or inside the house.

"Will be allergic. Allergy has to do with the environment if it is kept very clean. I want it to be very germ free," he added.

Therefore, children still need to play outdoors.

There are developments in cognitive and affective aspects that can only be obtained by children when playing outside.

"As much as any indoor experience, the objects outside the same inside must be different. There is still a portion for parents for children to play outside," he concluded.

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