7 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Eye Health

The eye is one of the important organs in the body.

The cause can be from small daily habits that we don't realize.

Summarized from the Times of India, the following habits can damage the eye: .1.

Using contact lenses continuously for two consecutive days can increase the risk of eye infections.

Even sharing contact lenses with other people and not changing contact lenses can damage the eyes.

Rubbing your eyes too often Rub your eyes as if they are not dangerous, but actually doing so can spread dirt and bacteria in your eyes.

As a result the eyes redden and can even cause permanent damage to the cornea of ​​the eye.

Make up products such as eyeliner or eye shadow can risk irritation in the eyes and become an infection.

According to experts, it's better not to use eye makeup more than 9 months.

Too often looking at gadget Gadgets may be difficult for us to escape everyday, but eyes can get tired if you keep staring at them nonstop.

This is because light from the screen can make the eyes dry and reduce tear production.

Rarely or never to an ophthalmologist. Often we only go to a doctor, including an ophthalmologist, if something happens or there is a problem in our eyes and body.

From a young age, caring for our eyes can reduce the risk of eye-related complications.

But to overcome this we cannot arbitrarily use eye drops.

Consult a doctor or use artificial tear drops and do not use them too often because they can damage the eyes.

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