5 Good Herbs for Diabetes Treatment, One of the Pare

Herbal remedies from traditional plants that thrive in Indonesia can actually help treat diseases such as diabetes mellitus.

"Wisdom of our ancestors, to fight the sweet ones was given a bitter-bitter one," said Hortus Medicus Herbal Medicine Saintification Coordinator for the Center for Research and Development of Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants Danang Ardiyanto, to detikHealth.

For example, in Yogyakarta, cook sweet warm rice with extra bay leaves.

And you know, it turns out that bay leaves can also have an effect on glucose in a person's blood.

Dr. Danang also provides several examples of plants that are believed to help therapy in diabetic patients.

Sambiloto leaves contain active compounds, namely flavonoids which contain antioxidants that can bind radicals in the body.

In addition, andrographolide content was found which was able to reduce blood sugar levels in mice with diabetes mellitus.

Previously, there was also a study from the National University of Singapore which reported that sambiloto extract could reduce blood glucose levels in potent type 1 DM.

Momordica Charantia aka bitter melon can be used as an antidiabetic and antihyperglycemic agent, a condition in which the body has too much glucose in the blood.

Aloe vera is often referred to as a medicine for various diseases, one of which is diabetes.

Well it turns out, in aloe vera also found hypoglycemic effects in diabetic rats.

Greetings aka Eugenia polyatha Wight is a wild plant that grows in forests, mountains, even in the yard.

There are several ingredients of greetings such as essential oils containing citral, eugenol, tannins and flavonoids.

There have been studies conducted on rabbits regarding the content of salads to reduce blood sugar.

Research on the use of brotowali as an alternative medicine for type 2 diabetes mellitus has been carried out in Malaysia, by Noor et al.

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